Weight Matters . . .

You're too thin, You're too fat, lose weight, gain weight. Eat more, eat less, drink that, don't don't drink this.. It seems as if the comments are overwhelming and NEVER ending.


Your words have weight just like your body. The more you take in, the more it continues to have an adverse affect on your. Some of us are on a yo-yo diet with people and relationships. We tend to carry things / burdens that were never intended  for us to carry. This often leaves us confused, and out of balance with the plans that GOD has for us. Some storms and struggles we were never meant to endure, therefore it causes us to have a 40 year struggle in a 40 day season.

GOD has so much more for you.. So STOP trying to pick up what GOD told you to PUT DOWN.

In this next season of our lives, the unnecessary burden carrying of others, just like the unwanted weight on our body will not survive the new place God has destined to take us. It just won’t work. There will be times where he will need you to move quickly, yet due to your bondage you will be held hostage. There are blessings that he is ready and willing to release upon you YET you can’t reach them because you are HELD down. Let me be the first to tell you, DO NOT miss this new season because of your situation.

— Transparently Yours,

Alexis Dominique