It's Just A Little Dirt . . .

"We can never become who are destined to be by focusing on who we used to be at the same time." - Anonymous

It’s just a little dirt, it’s just a little stain trust me you’re still worth it just going through the pain.
— Lecrae

Dirt: unclean matter, especially when in contact with a persons clothes, skin or posessions when they are said to become 'dirty'.

dirt quote.jpg

Have you ever met up with your old friends after some time has passed, and one of them leads the conversation off with - "Man I remember when you / we used to ...... " and then in that moment you knew this conversation was about to go south. Like why does everyone have to bring up YOUR DIRT, THEIR DIRT, and HIS OR HER DIRT??  Everyone has some level of dirt in their lives that we would much rather not have exposed. Different types of flowers grow in different climates and different types of dirt, however exposure to the wrong climate can be detrimental to the success and life of the plant.

Simply because you have already bloomed in your season, it doesn't mean that someone else hasn't or can't in theirs. We often times measure those by the success of others and ourselves. As fallible creatures when we see someone after a long time we often default to the last representation of that person we remember or who we used to know and begin to insinuate that they are still that person and forever will be. Why is that I wonder?

Just because the weather has not changed yet, that is not always an indication that you’re still in the same season
— Dr. D Ramel Smith

Is it too hard for us to understand that we aren't the only person that GOD forgives and changes? Do we think our sins aren't as "BAD" as theirs or that we are just his perfect little Christian that he gives priority to when it comes to grace and forgiveness? What I know is that JESUS knows about all of our dirt, and all the various types that we attempt to cover up or replace with a flower that doesn't belong in the environment. In time he will reveal to us the things that could cause our growth to be stunted and sometimes it's in the dirt. Your DIRT could be friends, co workers, family or your personal issues. Sometimes it's not that the plant won't grow in its season, there is an issue with the DIRT.