The JOURNAL is HERE!!! --- It's Finally Here!!!

This has been a LONG time coming, a lot of tears, self affirmation and self motivation. With that being said, I want to Introduce to some and Present to others, my very own: Truth.Love.Positivity Journal. 

This guided journal serves to encourage personal reflection and acknowledgment of self. Inside find 52 self-reflective love notes to take you on a journey of truth, love, and positivity for you.

That means one loving and empowering journaling experience for each week of the year or over a course of 52 days. May you read, write, and heal.

To access the title, click on the photo and that will lead you directly to the Amazon website.


Thanks in advance for your support, continued prayers, and may GOD forever continue to bless you beyond measure. 




Transparently Yours: 

Alexis Dominique