Don’t Let Your Dreams Die

How often have we started something and then life happens to us? We get side tracked, we even become unmotivated and lack patience in the process. Allow me to be #transparent and share with you a similar situation I had. 

L Hughes 488.jpg

I found myself taking the LSAT and to my knowledge I felt I had “studied” the best I could. And the date came for the test and let me tell you how ILL prepared and surprised 😲  I was. The reality is this, my score was a direct result of the lackluster studying habits I engaged in. The only person I could be mad at was myself. I called myself many names during this period of frustration and let me just say "Child of God" was NOT the first one on the list.

Failure. Moron. Idiot. Dummy. Bum. . --those were just some of the names I uttered, but in the end that wasn't who I was. I know when GOD planted the dream, vision and the goal in me that the road wouldn't be easy. So why is it that when we are rerouted, diverted and our plans for our lives sometimes get cancelled,  we begin to go down this same path of negative name calling and challenge the very thing God gave us to begin with.

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Langston Hughes ( poet laureate of the 1920s) said it best, "Hold Fast to dreams, for if dreams die life is like a broken-winged bird that cannot fly."  Do you want to be seen as that bird that is broken and fails to realize that their wings are there to propel them forward not keep them crippled in their current situation. 

A dream deferred is NOT a dream denied. If GOD hasn't given it to you or if it hasn't come to fruition. Just wait for it. In due season you will REAP if you faint. And if no one ever told you, I believe in YOU. Let's DO THIS.

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