Comfort vs Complacency

Comfort: is defined as: a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint.

Complacency: is defined as: a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.

It all started with a "spruce tree." On September 28, 2017 my Mother slipped from earth to eternity. As a way to commemorate her life here on Earth I was sent a "Memorial Spruce" by my current employer. The tree came with specific instructions on how to plant, water, and maintain a healthy environment. Upon deciding to plant the tree I went to Home Depot, and asked the Lawn & Gardens department which type of pot, soil, and etc I would need. After gathering my supplies I checked out, came home and potted the plant and assumed all to be well. Within the next few months I would notice that when I came back from trips for work the soil would be rock hard, and the plant would shed, and it just began to look 'dead.'

As a result I took it upon myself to visit Lowe's recently (2 April 2018) and proceeded to go on this journey again. You see I didn't want to lose the plant, or have it die due to my negligence. After all I was following the directions as given previously while in Home Depot. I went to the sales associate and explained that I had an issue with the current tree and that I was fearful that it would die due to my negligence. He proceeded to point me in the direction of the 'Miracle Grow' and told me which type I needed and since the tree will eventually be transferred outdoors, the type of pot I should plant it in as well. 

Me being who I am, I tend to find revelation in the SMALLEST things. In that moment it dawned on me. Alexis, your fear of replanting this tree due to the emotional reality of the situation, was going to cause you to let it die. You wanted to save the tree, but refusing to change the environment it was in, wasn't going to benefit the tree. You see that is how we are as people. We can't expect to bring forth fruit when we aren't in an environment that is conducive for it to be brought forth. It doesn't matter how much we water the gift, spend the money, or invest in the product. The right thing planted at the wrong time isn't beneficial for any of the parties involved. We can't get so comfortable in our environment that we get complacent. Comfort often breeds complacency which causes us to become stagnant. Don't change what you've planted, just make sure that the environment is conducive for its growth. 

 #TransparentlyYours, Alexis Dominique