The Process Behind The Promise

So I have had numerous inquiries about the journey behind becoming a flight attendant. 

Southwest Application Timeline
Calendar Year 2016
August 11th - Application Submitted

Requisition 2016-15151 - 10:22 am
Requisition 2016-15668 - 10:29 pm

**Yes I applied twice; JUST IN CASE**

August 16th - Congratulations Candidate Email
August 31st - Updated Questionnaire Submitted
September 22nd - Email -Sched Tel Interview
September 22nd - Online Application Updated
September 26th - Telephone Interview
September 29th - BkGround Check Disclosure Email
October 10th - Release of Info- Drug/Alcohol Email
October 19th - Face To Face Interview
October 22nd- Received CJO cally
October 26th - Fingerprint Background Check Begins
November 2nd- Additional Information Submitted
December 9th- DOT Consent Form Submitted
December 15th- Holiday Email Received

Calendar Year 2017
January 18th- Recruiter Called to update App
January 19th - Employment/Address Updated
January 20th - Application Submitted to Sterling  
January 23-24th- Add'l Education info requested
January 24th- Spoke w/Background Info Company
January 26th- Sterling completed background 🙌🏾
January 27th-30th- Email sent, Sterling rep; files rec'd
February 7th - Almost time to shine Email
February 14th - Drug Test Email f
February 15th - Drug Test taken and submitted
March 10th - Time to get your wings email
March 20th - On Boarding Email
March 21st- New Hire Documents Email
April 9th - Fly to Dallas
April 10th-27th - FA Training
April 28th- Graduation-- Thank God