Luggage #FacePalm


Ok we get it it. We get it. Your luggage fit on the last plane you flew on. Cool. Awesome. But guess what?? Today is a new day and it doesn’t fit in our overhead bin 

  1. Walking away pretending you don’t see it hanging out won’t work 
  2. Your carryon Halfway hanging over the ledge ain’t gone work either.  
  3. You peering your nose down at me assuming I’m gonna immediately put your luggage away, total misconception.  

Listen 👂🏾. If you can’t lift it then why do you think I’m gonna risk my body to lift something you can check (for free on Southwest) might I add.  I could go on and on like Erykah Badu but I don't want to waste time on TUH-DAY!!!!!....... 


Just know if it doesn't fit, we MUST OUTFIT with a tag ❤️