A Few Things Flight Attendants Want YOU To Know - CELL PHONES

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I AM BACK!!!! Did ya miss me? Let's talk about these cellphones MMMKKK.. When we tell you to turn it off, we don't wanna hear:

  1. Grandma who lives in TIMBUCKTOO that needs to know when you plan to get home
  2. Aunt Susan who just needed to tell you the pigs just escaped from the farm and she is outside wrangling them in 
  3. Uncle Bobby who has never been on a plane and wants to know how they work
  4. YOUR Spouse yelling at you or VICE VERSA.. STOP THE MADNESS....
turn off your phone .jpg

SHUT THE PHONE OFF!!! Don't tell me about the time you flew on another carrier and they didn't make you turn it off. We don't wanna hear about that one time the flight crew didn't make you turn it off on your last FLIGHT. IF I wanted to hear myself talk I would record AUDIOBOOKS for a living .. MMMK .. Thank you


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