Luggage #FacePalm


Ok we get it it. We get it. Your luggage fit on the last plane you flew on. Cool. Awesome. But guess what?? Today is a new day and it doesn’t fit in our overhead bin 

  1. Walking away pretending you don’t see it hanging out won’t work 
  2. Your carryon Halfway hanging over the ledge ain’t gone work either.  
  3. You peering your nose down at me assuming I’m gonna immediately put your luggage away, total misconception.  

Listen 👂🏾. If you can’t lift it then why do you think I’m gonna risk my body to lift something you can check (for free on Southwest) might I add.  I could go on and on like Erykah Badu but I don't want to waste time on TUH-DAY!!!!!....... 


Just know if it doesn't fit, we MUST OUTFIT with a tag ❤️



A Few Things Flight Attendants Want YOU To Know - CELL PHONES

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I AM BACK!!!! Did ya miss me? Let's talk about these cellphones MMMKKK.. When we tell you to turn it off, we don't wanna hear:

  1. Grandma who lives in TIMBUCKTOO that needs to know when you plan to get home
  2. Aunt Susan who just needed to tell you the pigs just escaped from the farm and she is outside wrangling them in 
  3. Uncle Bobby who has never been on a plane and wants to know how they work
  4. YOUR Spouse yelling at you or VICE VERSA.. STOP THE MADNESS....
turn off your phone .jpg

SHUT THE PHONE OFF!!! Don't tell me about the time you flew on another carrier and they didn't make you turn it off. We don't wanna hear about that one time the flight crew didn't make you turn it off on your last FLIGHT. IF I wanted to hear myself talk I would record AUDIOBOOKS for a living .. MMMK .. Thank you


Catch Me @ 30K Feet - - - #FlightATiddy

Cell phones .jpg

♥️📣SWA is Hiring External Applicants ♥️📣

Listen. Now is as good of a time as any other.

  • Get those applications in.  
  • Update your profiles  
  • Polish those resumes

MANY will ask, few will apply    


 To Apply:

• All applicants will need to apply through
• All applicants will need to create a profile and upload a resume. To make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, applicants may do this at any time—even before the position itself is posted.

• To create a profile and upload a resume, applicants should visit and then follow the steps below:

- Click the yellow “apply now” button, and then select “Click here” to create a profile and connect with us through our Talent Communities.

- Once there, the applicant will need to enter an email address and click “Sign Up” (or create your profile using your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn information).

- Once on the“What are you interested in?” page, the applicant will need to scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “Continue” to upload their resume. 

- Information from their resume will be uploaded, so they need to ensure all of their information is correct.
- Click “Submit Profile”
- A “Thank you for connecting with us!” message will appear on their screen, and they will receive an email confirming their submission.
• Once the position posts, applicants will then need to go to to apply for the job under the profile they have created.
• Applicants should keep their resume formatting basic and refrain from including a photo, which can prevent the system from reading it.
• If you have friends or family members who applied previously, they will need to reapply to be considered. Applicants who have interviewed by phone or in person and have not been selected for this position will need to wait one year from interview date to be eligible to apply.

What Happens Next?
• After completing the application process on, applicants will receive a confirmation email. Applicants who do not meet the requirements will be notified via email as well.
• Qualified applicants will be contacted for a phone interview in the order they apply. The length of this process will be determined by the volume of applicants who apply. We expect the phone interview process will continue through 2018.
• Successful phone interview applicants will be invited for a face-to-face interview.